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Summer Okra Planting

Summer Okra Planting

Today Okra I planted Okra.  After talking to my friend Ken who owns Quality Feed and Garden on North Main, the best and oldest feed store in the city,  he recommended a variety called Perkins.  I have never grown this variety before so I am super stoked to see what comes of it.  
Okra is a staple in summer gardens down here in the south.  It thrives in our heat and with minimal water, it will produce a rich bounty.  Just make sure you pick the okra every day or at least every other day or else they will be hard and unpleasant, some might even call it inedible.

Here are a few tips for planting and growing okra:

  1. Plant seeds around 1" deep

  2. Okra does extremely well in Texas Heat.

  3. Okra can produce with minimal water.

  4. For increased harvest water every 7 days.

  5. Thin okra Seeds to 1 every 12".

  6. Space Rows 3' apart

  7. Before Planting apply a general 10-10-10 fertilizer to the soil

  8. Okra Will begin to produce 60 days after planting.

  9. Harvest when 3-4" inches long

  10. To keep plant productive, pick every two days.


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